World Rewilding Day a real success

The first ever World Rewilding Day was celebrated on the 20th March this year. Though there seems to be an awareness day for almost everything nowadays (National Pancake Day, International Axe Throwing Day and World Emoji Day to name a few), to see rewilding recognised in this way is just fantastic, and a great way to kick off the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Among a selection of events held to celebrate rewilding, Rewilding Britain and Heal Rewilding came together to host an excellent webinar featuring the exciting progress being made. Sara King, Rewilding Network Lead at Rewilding Britain, was very pleased with how well it went:

“This year marked the first World Rewilding Day. This signifies how things are changing – we are starting to rethink our relationship with nature, and understand how important nature recovery is for us. If nature thrives, we thrive. If nature is pushed to the brink, we suffer as a result. There were so many positive messages and beacons of hope from around the world of how we can restore nature and rewild our landscapes again. 

Rewilding Britain and Heal Rewilding marked the occasion with a joint event showcasing community engagement in rewilding. We had over 700 attendees and many more watching the recording. We have seen a kaleidoscope of rewilding projects, and marvelled in the impact that they are having on wildlife and people. The momentum is changing, and I am excited to see the impact of rewilding the world in the years to come!’

We couldn’t agree more.