Earth Day 2021

Since its promising beginnings back in 1970 when 20 million people took part in demonstrations across the US, Earth Day has become an annual celebration of our wonderful planet and a chance to highlight the threats it faces. With events held every year on the 22nd April, the campaign has made real progress in raising awareness of the plight of our planet, from the problem of pollution and the importance of recycling, to the threat of global climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

Now in its 51st year, we are really pleased to see Earth Day 2021 focusing on restoring nature. Though this is far from the first time that the campaign has encouraged ecological restoration – in 2010 the target was set to plant 1 billion trees, which was completed in just two years – there is a growing recognition of the need not only to halt the degradation of our ecosystems but to active accommodate their return. Rewilding, as we know, is a key element of that nature restoration.

So what’s happening this year?

As with so many events this year, much of the Earth Day celebration will be taking place online – with some already underway! Head over to the Earth Day website to find out more and tune into their live stream of talks and discussions from experts and advocates across the globe – even the Pope.